Announcing the Blogging in Formation Series!

Blogging in Formation

I am excited to announce that this week Smart Flight Training is participating in some formation blogging - I am honored to be included in this series, which is starting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7th, 2013.

Such acclaimed aviation bloggers as Dan Pimentel (http://www.av8rdan.com/), Karlene Petitt (http://karlenepetitt.blogspot.com/), and others have inexplicably stooped to allow me to not only associate with them, but to actually work with them!

The most thanks goes to Brent Owens (http://iflyblog.com), who I have worked with in the past at a large corporate aviation company in central Ohio, and who is to blame - er.... is BEHIND the idea of the series overall.

So starting tomorrow, we will all become privy to how each of these illustrious pilots & bloggers were first drawn to flight and the aviation industry during this week's Blogging in Formation series.  Below is the list of six blogger-pilots (or is it pilot-bloggers?) who will be going back to their beginnings, in order and with the dates they are posting (this post will be updated daily with appropriate direct-to-post links as everyone posts their, um, post):

We'll be talking up this series everywhere - so be sure to subscribe to each of the above blogs, and don't forget to follow these fine folks on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and wherever else you can find them! Please let us know what you think about the series!

Andrew Hartley is a certificated flight instructor in Columbus, Ohio. Follow Smart Flight Training on twitter and Facebook!

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  1. Krlene Petitt says:

    I’m excited to be part of this great week!

  2. Great post Andrew! Good working with you on this project.

    Now lets get going with a podcast.



  1. […] their stories about how and why they started flying during the first (hopefully of many) “Blogging in Formation” series.  If you are coming upon this post in the future, or have not seen the posts from […]

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