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Testing Tuesday: IFR Lost Communication Procedures

Scary Headset

Losing communication capabilities is nerve-wracking in VFR conditions, but is relatively straight-forward if you can see where you are going, even if where you are going is controlled airspace – though under VFR you can very easily go to a non-towered airport without talking to anyone and no one would really even know the difference […]

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Testing Tuesday: IFR Flight Plans

Smart Flight Training posts a question (and an answer) you might find on an FAA Knowledge Test or during the oral portion of a checkride each Tuesday. Today’s question is about IFR flight plans and when they are required. When is an IFR flight plan required? When less than VFR conditions exist in either class […]

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Testing Tuesday: Instrument Interpretation (HSI)

FAA Instrument Knowledge Test Figure 98

Oh, the HSI. This instrument, also known as the Horizontal Situation Indicator, is a nightmare if you haven’t actually used it. From what I have heard, once you have used one and understand it, they are fantastic. I’ve talked to pilots who say they won’t even fly an airplane that doesn’t have one. In the […]

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AOPA Indianapolis Fly-In Escapades

Aluminum Overcast

Last weekend, I flew with two of my students to the Indianapolis AOPA fly-in. It was the first large-scale fly-in that I have actually flown myself to. My dad and I used to fly in to pancake breakfasts when I was little, but I don’t really remember them well, and they were very small compared […]

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Testing Tuesday: Transitioning from VFR to IFR on a Composite Flight Plan

VFR-IFR Transition

Last week’s Testing Tuesday post was one of the questions on my Instrument Knowledge test that I had missed while I was studying for the exam. It was one that, this time around, I answered correctly (I always attempt to answer the question before I post it here). Here is one that I answered wrong […]

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