Flight Bag

The following is a list of suggested resources that we recommend to our students and other pilots.

We have used each of these ourselves or they have been recommended by pilots we trust.

Any of the items below may be an affiliate link, meaning when you click the link and buy the item, you are helping to support Smart Flight Training! Our affiliation with these products does not cost you any more than it would if you bought through any other link or simply went into the store to buy it. Thanks so much for your support!



2015 FAR/AIM (ASA's version); Organized well and easy to reference

2015 FAR/AIM - cheap version (you'll save a buck or two, but you'll regret it!)

We recommend ASA's version for three simple reasons:

1. Smaller size takes up less space in your flight bag

2. Better organization makes it easier to reference when you are looking for specific information

3. Contains recommended study areas for all the pilot certificates and ratings

I've tried other versions of the FAR/AIM, and every year I saved a couple of bucks by buying a different version, I've regretted it and wished I had bought the ASA version. As of now, it's the one I buy.




2015 FAR/AIM



This is the kneeboard I use and recommend.

Other kneeboards, including iPad kneeboards.


I use a David Clark H10-13.4 mono passive noise reduction headset.

Other headsets.

Sectional Charts

Always have a current sectional chart!

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