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Testing Tuesday: VFR on Top

VFR on Top is a strange combination of an IFR clearance and a VFR clearance, where a pilot can climb through a layer of clouds and then continue a flight in VFR conditions, but still on an IFR flight plan. A pilot on a VFR on Top flight plan follows both VFR and IFR rules, such as maintaining an altitude at or above the minimum enroute altitude, but also at an appropriate 1000-foot increment plus 500 feet, and assuming responsibility for traffic avoidance.

But how do you obtain a VFR on Top clearance?

When can a VFR-On-Top clearance be assigned by ATC?

  1. Only upon request of the pilot when conditions are indicated to be suitable.
  2. Any time suitable conditions exist and ATC wishes to expedite traffic flow.
  3. When VFR conditions exist, but there is a layer of clouds below the MEA.

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Andrew Hartley is a certificated flight instructor and commercial pilot in Columbus, OH.

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